We are in the penultimate day of this terrible year, a year in which we have suffered, more or less directly, the consequences of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus.

Several companies have developed vaccines that have already begun to be administered to the so-called risk population with the aim of resuming the normal pulse of our lives as soon as possible.

I hope that the research effort and the work done by the people who have developed the vaccines will be useful to society and that problems caused by the urgency with which they have had to do their work do not appear.

In any case, in our country since March we have been adding deaths without stopping, there is talk of the first wave, a second wave and now they are predicting the third for January 2021.

I have to say that I have not seen waves, what I have seen has been a huge disorder and an absolute lack of strategies on the part of the different governments, I am talking about the national and regional governments, that were effective to control the virus.

That if it seems that Spanish politicians have liked locking us up, confining us, they say, because it is the only strategy they have imposed from the different Public Administrations has been to confine citizens and close businesses.

It is surprising to say the least that both China, the country where the virus appeared, and its border countries have suffered far fewer deaths than those in Europe.

The data of deaths in Korea amount to 14 people out of every million inhabitants, Nepal adds up to 64 per million, Myanmar (Burma) accumulates 46 deaths per million and in Vietnam and Taiwan they do not reach one death per million inhabitants.

In Europe, our leaders in the EU and in the different governments have excelled because in Italy they accumulate 1,168 deaths per million inhabitants, in France 925.47, in Germany 925, in the United Kingdom 1,031 and I am going to end Portugal, which is at 616.

From Spain I do not dare to give data because the Autonomous Communities give some figures, the Government of the country gives different ones and as if that were not enough the INE (National Institute of Statistics) which is a state agency, contributes other different ones to those it gives the government itself.

Honestly I have to say that I don’t understand anything, let’s see, weren’t we Western whites in the first world …? Don’t we have many more means than Nepal or Myanmar?

The difference is that they, the Asian countries have told their population that the virus kills and they have developed the appropriate strategies to contain the virus as it happens in these two examples that I explain below.

The first occurred last October when 12 positives were detected in the Chinese city of Qingdao and what the Chinese government did was to test the more than 9 million inhabitants that that city has.

The second has occurred in Hong Kong where the government, to encourage its citizens to take tests, will pay 5,000 Hong Kong dollars to citizens who test positive for coronavirus.

In China it is not necessary to reward anyone, it is enough for the authority to say so and everyone obeys, but Hong Kong is not like that and that is why they have made an approach that is more attractive to those who live there.

But not here, here the “game” is to lock ourselves in, lock up the citizens and also close the companies, hoping that things will begin to fix themselves and in 2021 we have the vaccine and with the European Funds … everything is resolved.

Insurance…? It is somewhat risky to bet everything on a single card, the vaccine card because what would happen if by H or by B the vaccine was not as effective as claimed?

Many personal and business economies will not be able to withstand this health, economic and social crisis, we can help you protect your economy at a time as delicate as this.

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