Since childhood they teach us to be competitive, they tell us that having a good education will allow us to enjoy a better life, we go to school, later to the institute, the university and then we start to do some work.

However, not so much energy is spent talking to us about how important it is to learn to build a “financial mattress” that allows us to live a little more relaxed.

We need a good education to access jobs, which without it we would hardly get, but learning to build that financial cushion in order to have resources is more important than having a good income.

It is not difficult to find people who enjoy an abundant inflow of money for the work they do but who, for one reason or another, are not able to save a penny.

As children we must learn to save by establishing a strategy whereby a part of the income we receive is used to build our financial independence.

If you are tired of living day to day and do not want to continue like this you must act to change that situation and the first step you have to take to make that change is to start saving.

Later I will talk about the second step: what to do to get your savings to multiply, but first, it is necessary to understand how to start accumulating money, or if you prefer, how to save it.

So today I am going to explain what to do to start saving, and thus, have your backs covered to be able to look at the future with more tranquility.

I would dare to assure you that you know how much money you earn and how you earn it, but I am not sure that you are so clear about how much money you spend and what you spend it on.

The first thing a person who wants to improve their current economic situation has to do is identify how much money they spend and what they spend it on. To do so, we need to write down everything we spend specifying what we spend each amount on.

We have different tools to take note of each of the expenses we make, we can use the traditional method of pen and paper, use a spreadsheet or one of the multiple savings apps that can be downloaded for free.

In this as in everything, the smartest thing is to try one of the options and if it is not satisfactory you only have to try another, but do not kid yourself, the important thing is to have control over all your daily expenses and for that you need to write down where The money you earn from your effort will stop.

You probably are not inclined to prepare a personal budget in which to identify your expenses and thus begin to organize your economy, but doing so is necessary.

Assessing your current financial situation will help you understand what is happening and control your “economic vital signs” if you do not do so you will never make your financial situation stable.

And if tomorrow, when you have managed to control your economy, a household appliance stops working, a lock breaks, or some other unforeseen event occurs, you will not have to depend on a bank loan paying interest or a friend or family member, you can easily solve it because you have financial resources .

The first step to get to know your economy well is to prepare a personal budget, with which you can plan your economy, allowing you to control where you spend your money.

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