It seems that we have begun to advance along the path that will lead us to reactivate all the economic activities that have stopped during this long, very long State of Alarm in which we have been immersed since last March 27.

The government of our country has started with what they call “de-escalation”. This lack of confinement will be carried out through a “Transition Plan towards a New Normality” with which it is intended to gradually recover and reactivate economic activity.

Four phases have been described in which we will be allowed to enjoy greater freedom again and thus be able to begin to carry out again the life that each of us had been carrying out before we were involved in this terrible experience caused by COVID-19.

Let me be skeptical of all these government measures, because decisions made in high places usually have more propagandistic elements than anything else.

I speak, almost daily, with businessmen or the self-employed who are fighting hand in hand to access the aid that the government of our country spoke about, who contact us to try to find a more real solution that allows them to glimpse a viable possibility for the future of your business.

Among these people who contact us there is everything, from those who find a negative response to access the line of financing that the government claims to have created, to those who, having been granted the loan, have not received a single euro and their Banks are not able to tell you when it will be available.

It is important to understand that we are in a situation that none of us who inhabit the planet Earth have had to face.

A situation that today has left a tremendous economic wound that we still do not know how we can go about closing and although it seems that the virus has reduced its expansion, nobody knows what will happen when we resume our daily activities.

We cannot forget the psychological effect that this pandemic is going to have on all of us, or you are going to tell me that you would go to a show today or have a drink at a bar where, as before, you had to share your space with multiple people.

We have to be aware of the invisible obstacle that we have in front of us, and I am referring to the virus, but we cannot forget that this pandemic will determine our future behavior.

For this reason we work helping professionals and entrepreneurs to resume, as much as possible, their activity and incorporate new elements that bring a new flow of consumers to their businesses.

Using digital tools to reach the largest number of potential consumers, ensuring that our companies continue to generate benefits with which our society can continue to advance is our primary objective.

Our job is to help you, provide alternatives that allow you to continue, reduce expenses, increase your income, make your economy a little stronger every day.

At SEL-DEK we work with individuals and companies contributing our experience so that with our support you can also live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with a goal, to improve the economic situation of the people and companies that ask us for help.

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