Each of us has their own way of seeing life, of facing it, there are people who like music, others do not, some prefer to enjoy rural settings, others feel more comfortable in urban settings, etc.

All these particularities shape our personality, each peculiarity, each personal characteristic influences our behavior and makes each one of us face reality in a unique way.

The same happens with countries as with people because countries also have their character, their own idiosyncrasy, this character is the result of the different events that have been happening throughout its history.

In the personality of Spain there is an undesirable characteristic that accompanies us, as someone said, from the Catholic Monarchs, I speak of the underhanded culture, with such well-known examples as the transfer, in the 16th century, from the court of Madrid to Valladolid and its subsequent return to Madrid, a transfer that enriched strategically located people.

We made the democratic transition, applauded and exemplified internationally, but we have an Economic Transition pending, a change of mentality that would help us focus on people like the late José Fernández López, founder of Pescanova, Amancio Ortega creator of Inditex and ZARA or Juan Roig de Mercadona.

The realization of this Economic Transition depends fundamentally on me and on you, on whether we decide to improve personally and professionally, on proposing to improve our current economic situation, being able to accept our mistakes without whipping ourselves and rejoice when we make the right decision.

Mistakes are part of learning, with them we have the opportunity to understand what has happened, what we have done or what we have not done so that this has not gone well.

I have to confess that every time I have made a bad decision and something has not turned out quite well or it has been completely wrong, what I have heard most around me has been something like “See I told you …”

As time has gone by I have continued to live my life, I continue to relate to some of those people who at the time told me: “You see I told you …” and I have to tell you one thing, they are not wrong because they do not take initiatives.

My personality drives me to understand, to discover but without taking unnecessary risks, to listen carefully and respectfully to others to learn anything useful that they can teach me and I believe that with this I have progressively managed to improve as a person and as a professional.

And so I want to tell you that if you want to improve your economy or that of your company, we are willing to collaborate with you by informing you so that you are able to decide what is best for you at all times.

At SEL-DEK we work helping other people so that they can live more peacefully, they can give their children the best education, in short, so that with our support they can live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with a goal, to improve the economic situation of the people who ask us for help.

Do you have any doubt? Do you need help to improve your financial situation?

Write us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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