We are involved in a monumental stroke, a very serious problem, a very complicated situation where a multitude of interests converge, be they health, economic or political.

At this time, health interests are those that should take priority over others because if we are not able to control the virus, the contagions and their consequences will prevent us from living normally.

If this happens, the economy will get worse every day because with restrictions on the number of people who can be together or who can enter a store or an office, it will be very difficult to continue with a firm step.

I have talked about health and economic interests, now I have no choice but to talk about political interests that, as I see it, should have disappeared from the current scene.

Because all the efforts of the politicians of this country should be focused on the same objective, all work together to control the virus and this would allow us to develop strategies for the immediate future.

Strategies with which to move forward without going backwards to re-control the virus by enclosing entire populations with no other objective than, as all politicians now say, to bend the curve.

I can say without fear of being wrong that none of those who make up this gang behind all the presidents, both the national and any of the regional presidents, can be called the father of the country because none of them have proven to deserve it.

Since the beginning of this crisis there have been nothing but accusations, confrontations, insults, pacts, betrayals, and many, many lies promoted by them and spilled by the media that are full of supporters of one and the other.

And meanwhile, the citizens of this country continue to wait for one of our politicians to show that they are doing something “profitable”, that is, that they are doing something other than facing each other to get more advantages.

We have a long and rugged road ahead of us, a journey in which we are going to have to endure very bad conditions, in which our economies, personal and corporate economies, are going to have to endure a terrible test.

A test that the public officials of our country do not seem to care about because they are only concerned with their world of power and lies.

Since last March, many things have happened, many people have died and Spanish politicians have not shown that they are capable of working hard to improve our lives.

Your future is yours alone and they are not going to give you any useful solution, you must do that if you know what your needs and resources are, to resist this pandemic, which, don’t be fooled, is going to accompany us for a long time yet.

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