We are faced with an opportunity when we live in a situation in which the appropriate circumstances exist to obtain some type of benefit, if we want to take advantage of that opportunity and get the benefit that it can provide us, we need to act and not let it slip away.

I already have some life experience, that is, I have lived a few years already, and with the passage of time I have been able to verify that life is a continuous succession of opportunities, unfortunately most of us are not able to see them, but just as the sun rises every day, every day we have opportunities to improve our situation.

Through repetition, humans acquire habits, for example, there are those who shower in the morning and who prefer to do it at night, in this example it does not have any negative consequences, it is a personal decision that does not negatively affect our daily life.

There are other habits that if they negatively affect our lives, a very clear example are the rises and falls that the prices of certain products experience at certain very specific times, and which are repeated every year on the same dates.

A few days ago I was reading the report that a consumer association has produced this year, as it has been doing for years, and I could see that the data shows that prices have been rising throughout the month of December, this is a cyclical example which occurs every year on the same dates.

If we have got into the habit of buying what is necessary for the holidays during the month of December and, despite the fact that reports are published every year on the increase in prices during this month, we maintain that routine, we are missing the opportunity to spend less money making purchases before the price escalation occurs.

All of us who carry out some type of work activity do so in exchange for money and personally it seems to me nonsense to pay more for a product that we can get cheaper just by buying it a little earlier, because the money we earn doing our work It is the economic reality that will allow us to build a better life.

If we want to achieve a better life we ​​must modify some behaviors that hinder the change that will allow us to stop repeating the same cycle indefinitely through which we work to live repeating the sequence from the beginning to the end of our life.

Having information helps to see a little further and have the experience of an independent professional to help you, collaborate with you and can provide you with alternatives when making decisions, solving doubts or clarifying any issue is a very good idea.

We at SEL-DEK enjoy helping other people so that they can live more peacefully, they can give their children the best education, in short, so that with our support they can live a little better every day.

At SEL-DEK we are independent professionals and we work every day with one objective: to improve the economic situation of people who ask us for help.

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