They have very different uses, classify people, behaviors, etc. that share certain characteristics, but when we label a person, a behavior, a generation, etc. We establish standards, models or patterns that theoretically will define this group.

An example is the generational classifications, for example, the generation Y, made up of millennials, among the components there will be some common peculiarities but among all the people who were born between 1981 and the mid-1990s there will also be many differentiating features.

Another example, a few days ago I came across an article that talks about Nesting, a label that includes people who prefer to use their free time to enjoy what they like at home, instead of doing it outside.

In the 90s of the last century there was another very similar trend that was labeled as cooconing and at the moment in the Nordic countries there is another one with enough points in common that they have called Hygge.

Labels can be useful for those who are dedicated to creating trends or for those whose survival has to do with these “currents” and the commotion they generate, but the wealth of our world and our lives has more to do with the enormous diversity of which we have access to with stereotypes dictated by one or the other.

I think generalizations are not good, fads are just passing trends that benefit those who promote them, not those who follow them.

When we talk about personal well-being, we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the use of topics or “magic formulas” that, in theory, are suitable for everyone.

Our personal well-being starts from an indisputable premise, to earn enough money to lead a satisfactory life and this we will achieve if we are able to give everything trying to do, whatever we do, in the best possible way.

This will provide us with continuity and a constant inflow of money, so we will enjoy stability and we will be in a position to consider developing the necessary strategies to gradually create an economic heritage.

That heritage, which will start small, is our guarantee of solvency in the present and we must do what is necessary to ensure that this small heritage continues to grow and allows us to live more peacefully, making decisions that help us improve our lives.

I know that it is difficult to ignore the magic formulas but a long professional career has allowed me to verify that they do not work, the only way is to be objective and aware of what our situation is, that is, where we are.

When we know where we are and where we want to go, we can search for the tools or knowledge necessary to start moving towards our destination.

We can help you, we are here to collaborate with you, to analyze initiatives that you consider interesting, to provide you with information that helps you to discern and allows you to start making reasoned decisions with which you can improve your life.

At SEL-DEK we work helping other people so that they can live more peacefully, they can give their children the best education, in short, so that with our support they can live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with a goal, to improve the economic situation of the people who ask us for help.

Any doubts? Do you need help to improve your financial situation?

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