It is not the first time that from here I refer to the painful ineptitude of the political or social leaders of the West, with each passing day I am more convinced that all these gentlemen who should take care of working so that this society in which we live was safe And a safer society is not due to having more cameras on the streets or implanting chips in the citizens to “take better care of them”, they do not do so largely because they are not capable of doing the job they should be doing.

If we talk about COVID-19, all these leaders, from one party or another, from one tendency or another, were perfectly aware, because the medical community had presented it to them in writing, that the next pandemic would come through a coronavirus in a modified version of SARS, but despite the signs being there none of them did anything about it.

But even more serious than the fact of not having taken measures in the face of a pandemic long announced by medical professionals is the fact that now, when the pandemic has begun to be controlled thanks to the efforts of health professionals, political and social leaders continue to ignore those who have managed to stop this terrible virus.

A few days ago I read a statement by the director general of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of China, George Gao – who I understand will know something about this coronavirus – Dr. Gao warned of the “big mistake” that was committing Europe for not imposing on people the use of masks.

Last Sunday, the Italian virologist Andrea Crisanti, the person most responsible for stopping the COVID-19 in Italy, made statements in which he agreed one hundred percent with the head of the Chinese CDC on the use of masks and stressed the importance of carrying out large-scale PCR test.

Dr. Crisanti explained how they managed to create a structure capable of doing thousands of PCR tests every day, going from doing 100 tests daily to 7,000 in a week, to now do between 13,000 and 14,000 tests every day.

We need to resume our personal and work lives, but if we do not have the necessary barriers (masks) and the essential data (PCR Test), we run the risk of taking one step and backing up 2.

Still, by establishing all possible barriers and having all the information we can gather, we face a different reality from the one we lived in before the pandemic.

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