Intelligent Machines

Some time ago there was talk of a future, more or less near, in which “intelligent” machines were going to appear, gadgets with the ability to develop complex physical routines or perform tasks that previously only one person could perform.

Today there are already machines capable of performing these complex physical tasks, the Boston Dynamics company has developed the humanoid robot Atlas, this electronic device is capable of executing an artistic gymnastics table that most of us, human beings, could not do.

This robot, as with all these contraptions, has the ability to make spectacular advances in a real artistic gymnastics routine, but make no mistake, there are already robots capable of physically interacting with humans in a work environment.

They are the so-called cobots or co-robots, this name comes from the Anglo-Saxon expression collaborative robot, today these machines are already being integrated into different companies to participate in the manufacturing, distribution, storage processes, etc.

We are immersed in a socio-economic situation never seen before, I mean the pandemic and all the negative economic consequences that, I am afraid, are yet to come.

Our society looks to vaccines with the hope of enjoying, in a short space of time, a return to normality prior to the crisis caused by this virus.

But right now, when the so-called risk groups are being vaccinated, a disturbing news is published in the press: Europe is shielding itself from the United Kingdom for fear of the new strain of the virus.

The British Government says that “62%” of new infections are being caused by this variant of the virus, it also appears that this variant also affects other European countries.

For its part, the WHO maintains “close contact” with the British authorities to share information about the new strain because it fears that it may be “70% more contagious.”

The day before yesterday, the English government spokesman confirmed that this new strain of the coronavirus has already reached Gibraltar in addition to having also been found in Australia and Denmark.

Yes, it is possible to recreate the capacity of movement or the intelligence of human beings in electronic equipment to use them in carrying out some tasks.

But today there is no machine that understands what your business needs like you, so it is important that you look to the future and start using artificial intelligence to consolidate and strengthen that business for which you fight every day.

Many personal and business economies will not be able to withstand this health, economic and social crisis, we can help you protect your economy at a time as delicate as this.

We have been working with people and companies for some time, showing them the changes that occur in the labor market, in society, and showing them how new technologies can be a good ally.

We live in the same world as you and for years we have been helping those who ask us to optimize their resources, reduce expenses, and focus their energies appropriately in order to move on and enjoy a more stable life.

At SEL-DEK we work with people and companies contributing our experience so that you have an ally to collaborate with you and help you live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with one goal, to improve the economic situation of the people and companies that ask us for help.

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