How to save on Telephone and Internet Services

You must take advantage of technology, VoIP (WhatsApp, Skype) should help you spend much less. Learn what to use and when in your connections.

Saving on Telephone and Internet Services

Mobile: You can significantly reduce your phone bill by using VoIP (Voice over IP) to make your calls. Used by Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp you will not be able to use it when you do not have data coverage, but when you have wifi coverage you do not spend money or consume data from your contract with the telephone operator.

Choose the right rate:

  • If you use your internet connection to view Emails, Social Networks and little else, a simple ADSL pack with a download speed of up to 10 MB will suffice.
  • When you also regularly use video platforms and play online, experts recommend an ADSL connection with a minimum of 20 Mb, although you can also hire fiber optics that will provide more stability in the connection.
  • If you connect several computers, mobiles, consoles or other devices you need fiber optics, with it you will enjoy a more fluid connection and you will be able to view the content in high quality without any problem.

Applying these strategies you will be able to save in Telephone and Internet Services.

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