How to save money in the supermarket

Going grocery shopping can turn into a fight against the senses fed by signals and messages that try to attract us. You have to know how to recognize them.

Saving in the supermarket

When we go to the shop we have to carry a shopping list that we have made at home, write down on it what you really need.

In the store, compare prices, some white label products can serve you the same as branded ones and have a lower price.

Buy what you are going to consume so you don’t have to throw it away, because throwing an expired product is nonsense just like throwing bills or coins in the trash.

Never buy on impulse, for that you have prepared the shopping list because there are marketing techniques developed for consumers to buy, not what we need, but what they want to sell us, smells, music, lights are used, the colors, the temperature, the place where the products are located (both in the store and on the shelves), this task is frequently done because in these establishments thousands of food, drink and cleaning products “compete” to attract our attention and the objective to achieve is that we buy the greatest number of them.

The next time you shop, note that many of the products listed on your shopping list are at the bottom of the store: milk, oil, bread, fruit … To get to them they will make you walk through corridors, strategically designed so that you can see the called “irrational products”, which are those that you do not need to buy … but that will probably end up in your basket or cart.

It is normal for food establishments to want to sell us as many products as possible, it is up to us to decide if we spend our money on those establishments buying products that we don’t need or if we use that money to improve our lives.

Buy what you need to buy and if you want to treat yourself, write it down on your shopping list.

If you can not resist the temptation, buy from your home computer, it is more comfortable and saves a lot of time. When your order arrives, always check the ticket.

Applying these strategies you will get to save in the Supermarket

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