How to save money in the kitchen

Certain habits and customs in the kitchen can help us a lot in domestic savings. At first it costs but once we are used to it we will not know how to do it in any other way.

Saving in the Kitchen

Use the kitchen to make the food you eat at home, because the less processed and manufactured what you buy is, the lower its price and you will eat healthier. Planning a weekly menu is the best way to consume what you write on your shopping list because you adjust the purchase to its actual consumption, avoiding buying in excess and reducing the risk of spoiling food.

Choose pans and casseroles the same size as the fires to avoid wasting heat.
Cover the pots and pans. Chopping food thoroughly before adding it to the casserole reduces cooking time.

Preparing more each time you make a recipe saves time and energy (you consume the same energy cooking for four as for six) and if you prepare more servings you can freeze the leftovers to consume them avoiding the temptation to buy precooked, 30% more expensive.

If you eat outside your house it is better to eat something that you have prepared, because it is healthier, cheaper and, in addition, this way you will eat homemade food daily. I assure you that, in addition to your pocket, your body will appreciate it.

Practice the useful cooking, when you prepare a recipe you do not use, for example, all the onion and do not throw it, you can use it to make another dish, with the leftover portions of already cooked food, you can use them in other recipes to avoid always eating the same.Periodically review the pantry placing first the foods that have to be eaten before and those that still have a long life in the background, you will avoid that some of the products are out of date without you noticing and it will be easier for you to make the shopping list.

Spending on food is triggered by the purchase of unnecessary products and, in addition, they are usually less healthy. Prepare your diet using basic products (seasonal fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, fish and lean meat) and eliminate pastries, sugary soft drinks, etc. Buying well can help you lose weight.

Applying these strategies you will save money in the kitchen.

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