How to save money on electricity

Bad habits, old light bulbs, worrying about turning off appliances, choosing the right company, etc., it all adds up if we want to save.

Saving on Electricity

  1. Contract the appropriate electricity rate using a light rate comparator, for example: Energy Offers Comparator
    Do not leave electrical appliances on stand-by.
  2. Turn off lights whenever they are not necessary.
  3. Choose energy efficient light bulbs.
  4. Keeping the temperature of your home around 20 ℃ to be at a comfortable temperature, avoid turning your house into an oven in winter or a refrigerator in summer.
  5. Good windows considerably reduce your electricity bill and it is not just about the windows, the blinds are also important.
  6. When you change appliances, choose the ones that consume the least, the A +++.
  7. Use the appliances efficiently and rationally (take advantage of the residual heat from the ceramic hob, use the washing machine and the dishwasher when they are fully loaded, etc.).
  8. Of all the appliances, the refrigerator is by far the one that spends the most.
  9. Ideally, it should be located in a cool place, ventilated and away from heat sources, and remember, when it is open the amount of your electric bill increases.

Applying these strategies you will be able to save on Electricity.

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