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SEL-DEK was born to offer individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers or entrepreneurs a valuable and reliable company that will serve them to improve their situation and their economic future.

With our knowledge and experience we can help you develop the right strategies so that your live, company, work or projects can thrive in this competitive world.

What we do with money today determines our situation tomorrow and this is the same for a family economy or a large company.

It is necessary to use Financial Intelligence and learn how to manage our resources in the correct way.

In SEL-DEK we help you improve your Financial Situation.



Optimize your energy spending, send us your bill and we will do a comparative analysis to identify which electric or gas company is the most suitable for you.


We have extensive experience in the financial world, so we know that each case is unique. If you need financing, with us you will find the best solution. Our expert teams analyse each situation by preparing the appropriate action plan for each specific case. Whether you are a Individual, Self-Employed, Entrepreneur or SME we can help you with the solution that best solves your specific situation.

Digital Transformation

Websites, Online Stores, Mobile Applications and Software Development. We analyse the current situation of your company or project and guide you along the path of digitisation. Today having a strong digital presence is critical to the success of a business. Did you know that 82% of people research on the internet before buying?
If you haven't transformed your business, don't wait any longer. In SEK-DEK we can help you.


Develop your Financial Intelligence and improve your life.


Billing More Doesn't Mean Getting More Profits.


Developing your Financial Intelligence will help you consolidate your project.


Make your company grow


Financial Intelligence is a book written by Jesús Checa (founder of SEL-DEK) and edited by EDITATUM.

Money is not spent, it is used. From how to take care of your economy, through money and life in society, to being parents of our future.

*Only available in Spanish


For all those who want to learn how to achieve a healthier economy and a better life, we have put within your reach many of the key aspects that we have been learning throughout our career and that will help you improve your financial situation.


To enjoy vacations without the need for financing, to have a financial mattress with which to overcome economic difficulties, to enjoy a more peaceful life, to materialise dreams, etc.

In this society, city dwellers receive 3,000 advertising impacts daily (some analysts speak of 5,000), this means that we are continuously receiving purchase incentives and in many cases we are not aware of them.

Most of these offers are for products that we do not need, ignoring such an amount of invitations to spend can be difficult.

Each person has their reasons, if you want to save, developing your Financial Intelligence will allow you to enjoy a better life

  • Quantify your expenses.
  • Avoid splurging.
  • Automate your savings.
  • Create several “financial piggy banks”.

It is when your investments allow you to cover all your financial needs without the need to work.

Developing Financial Intelligence.

Managing income and expenses effectively is essential to achieve it, if you earn € 3,200.00 per month but spend € 3,000.00, you will hardly be able to achieve it, but if you manage them well you will be able to advance firmly towards it as it happens to Luis, I met Luis when he won € 1,000.00 monthly, his daily expenses do not exceed € 400.00 because he lives in a rental apartment that he shares with other people and he organizes his personal economy very well, so that he saves € 500.00 a month, after a year and eleven months after starting to save Luis had accumulated a capital of € 12,068.00 and at 3 years old he already had € 19,395.00.

At that time he recovered a part of the money he had saved to take a course with which he had access to better paying jobs and, shortly after getting his degree, he left his job to start working at another company where he charges € 1,400.00 monthly.

Each person has their circumstances and the solutions must be adapted to each specific situation.

In the same way that we visit a health professional to help us improve it, it is necessary that we consult a professional from the economic world to improve our economy and in both cases it is highly recommended that they be independent because, imagine that you are going to see your doctor and works for a pharmaceutical laboratory, that “doctor” would not have the capacity to recommend the most suitable for your health because he would only prescribe the products of his laboratory, in the same way, the professional who helps you plan your economic strategy will not You must work for a financial institution because you will have to prepare your “financial treatment” with the products of the financial institution for which you work.

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