We can see the words future in a halo, an aureole of mystery, because the future is always an unknown that most people would like to clear up to enjoy a perspective that allows them to live the present more calmly.

There are ways to have more peace of mind in the present and they are simple but they involve effort, because it is today, in everyday life, when we build our future by doing what is appropriate every day to have the resources that will allow us to face the challenges or unforeseen events that await us tomorrow. .

Until today in the West, most people have enjoyed a level of well-being that has been increasing progressively and yet despite that bonanza, that economic prosperity, a large part of the population does not manage to be happy.

It is very likely that this is because we spend a large part of our time jumping from memories of the past to plans for the future without worrying about what would really bring us happiness, doing what we have to do today in order to live better tomorrow .

The past no longer exists and the future is, to a great extent, the result of the actions we carry out today, this is explained by a universal law, the law of Action, Reaction or Cause and Effect, which is responsible for everything that will happen in the future.

Among the laws of physics is the action-reaction law: “Every action receives an opposite reaction of equal magnitude”, for example, if you punch against the wall the wall will hit your fist with the same intensity and you you will hurt yourself, this is an example of how the law of cause and effect works in the physical world.

In this pandemic, Europe and America have maintained their line acting in an absolutely irresponsible way, without taking the initiative, without applying the methods that other countries have applied and have demonstrated their effectiveness in view of the results obtained.

What in our country has no name, since this crisis began, public officials have done absolutely nothing of what any responsible manager would have done.

But of course they are not responsible managers, they are the presidents and their minions, if you prefer acolytes or henchmen, I don’t care, and this is the same for the president of the nation or any of the presidents of the multiple autonomous communities that have converted our country, again, in a set of taifa.

The only thing that matters to these lousy managers, whom we allow to direct and legislate our country and our lives, is their survival, which will be more consolidated if they succeed in helping the population of this poor country, that is, you and all the people who suffer with its wrong to do polarize.

Thus there will always be an enemy to blame for everything bad that may happen, although in reality it is they, the rulers of one or another party who are not doing what they should do today, the only ones responsible for this terrible management.

Because they do not care that your business does not work as a result of their mismanagement, they do not care if the economy of people or families is hanging by a thread.

They speak, speak and confront while you see how your capacity to resist, your means to endure this terrible situation in which we are involved is reduced with each passing day.

Your future is yours alone and they are not going to give you any useful solution, you must do that if you know what your needs and resources are, to resist this pandemic, which, don’t be fooled, is going to accompany us for a long time yet.

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