Having good health is very important, taking care of maintaining it even more, I think you will agree with me if I affirm that the highest priority for anyone should be to take care of their health.

Every day, more and more of us are willing to feed ourselves in a healthy way, keeping a good mood, taking care of our physical state, with a satisfactory sexuality, keeping stress at bay, etc. to enjoy good health, that is why the offer for the care or improvement of our physical state and our health is increasingly wider.

But here we talk about economics, today about financial health (the two are more related than we can imagine), those who know how to pay their expenses without consuming all of their income will enjoy good financial health and, with the surplus, create a economic reserve that allows you to face any future need, and thus, live with the tranquility and security of having a financial cushion to face unforeseen events.

It does not matter that your income is low or high, the important thing is what you do with it, do not spend it, use it for your own benefit, start directing your economy, control the inflows and outflows of money, take care of it properly and you will get it Every day goes better, getting your economy in good financial health will make you happier.

As with physical health, being healthy today is not a guarantee for tomorrow, financial health needs our constant care, so it is important that you begin to develop your Financial Intelligence solving problems related to money.

Start by doing this simple exercise, calculate the total amount of income and expenses you have had in the last year and then review the movements month by month to identify the expenses made, it is the first step to control your money, your economy will never enjoy a good financial health if you have no control over it.

Knowing your current economic reality helps you identify negative behaviors for your pocket that you should modify or, rather, eliminate because they are harmful and controlling them is the key that will allow you to start improving your financial health.

Seen from the outside, the economic world may seem the most complicated of those that exist, but tell me one thing, if one day you don’t feel well and you have a fever, what do you do? Do you make your own diagnosis or call your doctor to help you and prescribe the appropriate treatment ?.

In economics or finance, if you prefer, being well informed and knowing how to value it properly is important, therefore, having the experience of a professional who collaborates with you when making decisions, solving doubts or clarifying any issue is a very good idea.

Our job at SEL-DEK is to help other people improve their financial situation, live more peacefully, give their children the best education, in short, so that with our support they can live a little better every day.

At SEL-DEK we are independent professionals and we work every day with one objective: to improve the economic situation of people who ask us for help.

Any doubts? Do you need help to improve your financial situation?

Write us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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