The economy is the science that must take care of establishing the foundations with which to organize a society that allows all those who integrate it to have covered needs such as food, housing, privacy, health care, etc.

When a person already has her basic needs covered it will be easier for her to be interested in satisfying other aspirations, which may be personal, professional or of some other type.

For this to happen, it is necessary for that society to be able to produce wealth while creating the appropriate laws so that the people who compose it perceive a part of the wealth that is created.

If this is done in this way, we are facing a society that provides its citizens with payment capacity and when citizens have sufficient payment capacity, we acquire the goods that we need.

Endowing citizens with purchasing power is essential to build a prosperous society. To achieve this, a legislative body must be created with which each citizen can live peacefully knowing that their survival needs will be covered.

This is valid as long as you want to build a society for citizens, a society in which citizens are consolidated as the primary element to which all the others are added to form a society capable of progress.

All this, of course, provided that the ruling class of that society, I mean the politicians who dictate the laws that all citizens must abide by, has the objective of making that society have the ability to progress.

Because when we talk about a political class whose interest is to perpetuate itself in privileged places within that society, as it happens in our country, then we will not have to do any of that.

For a political class that seeks the perpetuation of its privileges, the citizen is not important, the citizen is an instrument that they use to get what they want.

In this country we have seen how the political class has been establishing conditions with which they, through their political parties, have become the only and most important protagonists of Spanish society.

We have the most corrupt political class, from right to left, that we could never have imagined was going to be occupying the seats of the congress and senate of this country.

These gentlemen instead of creating a legal framework with which they facilitate us to use all the resources that this country has to live in the most prosperous way possible, they dedicate themselves to poisoning ourselves through the media, confronting us.

This allows them to create a diversion that they take advantage of to nurture the funds of their political parties, I do not care one or the other, while favoring policies that benefit specific interests to manage to maintain their privileged life once they retire from active politics.

The Spanish political class shows every day how little the citizens of this country matter to it and it shows it with their constant lies and manipulations.

Today we are living the worst moment in the economic and social history of our country since the beginning of the 20th century and I am afraid that the so-called political leaders, because they do not prove to be responsible in any way, they only have one interest, to demonstrate to their voters that they they are the best.

But that is not useful for companies that have to close or for people who see their business turnover decrease, because policy makers, instead of looking for solutions, are maneuvering to, at whatever cost, reinforce their image or of their parties.

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