Since the last financial crisis of 2008 caused by the concession to clients with very little economic solvency of mortgages that offered low interest for a few years, although afterwards they increased exceeding the interest rates applied to personal loans, the economic system had not managed to fully recover.

This financial crisis demonstrated how looking for short-term results without taking into account the medium and long-term consequences multiplies the probabilities of triggering dire consequences that cause effects that are neither easy nor quick to solve.

With this economic system showing clear symptoms of exhaustion, another situation has come upon us that has further complicated an already complex situation.

Right now it seems that the virus has reduced the terrible rate of infection and mortality that it has shown to have, although, given the enormous amount of information that we have been receiving daily and the confusion that it generates in all of us, it does not seem intelligent to think that this has already happened and we can continue as if nothing had happened.

Neither the WHO, nor the majority of governments, with few exceptions, has carried out actions capable of raising public awareness and, in many cases, they have even been unable to provide the necessary materials so that health professionals are protected.

It seems that, as it has always happened throughout history, for the gentlemen who dedicate themselves to politics it is more interesting to use these moments of general bewilderment to stoke the fire and try to gain parcels of power that in no way benefit the set of the society.

Today it is more important than ever to use our heads and look for solutions that can help us consolidate our position and develop a strategy with which we achieve sustainable and uninterrupted growth in the medium and long term.

I want to share with you an experience that we have lived in first person with a client. JBS is a gym machinery company with a significant turnover due to the time they have been in the market, the quality of their products, etc.

When all the gyms, their end customers, were forced to close due to the pandemic, their business was stopped and with unsustainable fixed costs that in a very short space of time would force them to close the company for which they had been working. during years.

Faced with this situation, they began to use their heads and realized that if people did not have gyms to go to, they would want to exercise at home and for that they needed equipment.

They decided to trust us, we got to work, we created the online store and the special products for exercise at home began to fly, this gave a spectacular turn to the business with which they managed to raise their turnover and generate profits again.

This is the link of your online store: https://jbs-fitness.es/

It is important to understand that digital tools can provide an additional boost to any business, although it is necessary to be clear that each one has its utility and it is not necessary to use all of them.

Using digital tools, any company can generate more benefits, continue advancing in a competitive market and even more complicated by the psychological and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our job is to help you, provide alternatives that allow you to continue, reduce expenses, increase your income, make your economy a little stronger every day.

At SEL-DEK we work with people and companies contributing our experience so that with our support you can also live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with a goal, to improve the economic situation of the people and companies that ask us for help.

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