Last week I was pondering on the importance of controlling spending so as not to waste our income, today I want to take a tour of the different ways of reducing costs in companies, because the business world is part of our activity in SEL -DEK.

In the business field, a differentiation must be established between fixed and variable expenses to understand which are some and which others. Fixed expenses are those that remain the same regardless of whether the company produces a lot or a little, whether it is prosperous or not, variable expenses are those that change depending on the level of activity and production of the company.

If cost savings are important for any company, in the case of an SME it is one of the keys to ensuring that it remains in the market and makes progress, and we must not forget that reducing spending is another part of the culture of responsible consumption in which we should all get involved on our account.

I am going to focus on general or administrative expenses, these expenses are necessary for the company to continue operating and among them are:

Payroll and all personnel related expenses
Services (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
Office supplies
Fixed, mobile and internet telephony
Rentals or monthly mortgage payments
Vehicle maintenance, if any
Marketing, advertising and public relations

In personnel-related expenses, it happens to us, more often than we would like, than when doing a cost reduction study for a company, for example a workshop, we find extra costs for the activity in which they are listed, This happens because there are very similar categories but with different price codes and which are cheaper.

Services are also a fairly neglected area, expenses can be reduced in electricity supply, we at SELDEK carry out a multitude of comparative analyzes and in more than 90% of them we reduce the amounts of electricity bills.

Neither much importance is given to the purchase of office supplies and nevertheless in all our interventions we manage to reduce the amount corresponding to this fixed expense.

Regarding telephony and internet, it is important to know what services our company provides and how much we pay for that service, so that periodically we can probe the market, new operators may have appeared, with more interesting conditions, and this is the same for telephony as For the Internet, for example, if a company has domains, it should not renew the hosting automatically without first seeing what offers are on the market.

I could continue analyzing the following points but I guarantee that in all of them it is possible to reduce costs, we at SEL-DEK do it often, if you want to improve your economy or that of your company you have professionals willing to collaborate with you informing you so that you are able to decide what is best for each moment.

At SEL-DEK we work helping other people so that they can live more peacefully, they can give their children the best education, in short, so that with our support they can live a little better every day.

We are independent professionals and we work every day with a goal, to improve the economic situation of the people who ask us for help.

Any doubts? Do you need help to improve your financial situation?

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