We are going through a rather confusing situation that started approximately three months ago, last December, when the COVID19 outbreak began in Wuhan -China-.

When we are immersed in a situation like the current one, in which our daily life is conditioned by the latest news that we receive every day, the key is to stay calm and continue trying that the situation does not affect us too much.

We learned about the virus COVID-19, CO from the crown, VI from the virus, D from the disease, and 19 from the year 2019, when the first cases occurred in Wuhan, we cannot do anything but follow the recommendations of sanitary authorized and use or start using, this will depend on each person, common sense.

But I am not a health professional, economics is my thing and I am going to talk about it. Since the infectious outbreak began, the economic world has behaved as usual, the most powerful exchanges in the world began to register losses, today they maintain this trend.

One of the most important things at times like this is to stay calm and remember how the financial markets behave, if we are able to do so we will begin to see how this situation we are experiencing has placed us in a very favorable position to invest.

Don’t think that I have a fever and I don’t know what I’m saying, my head works just as well as it always has, that’s why I repeat, this is one of those privileged moments to invest; Finding a favorable situation is an opportunity, taking advantage of it is a show of intelligence.

And it is because the readjustment that is taking place in the financial markets due to the coronavirus has considerably reduced the price of financial assets, making it a very suitable time to buy.

The ancient peoples already knew that whoever buys cheap can get the best results and that by buying cheap and selling well an economy will always be prosperous.

I sincerely hope and wish that those responsible for health do manage to control this situation as soon as possible, allowing us to return to normal life on a day-to-day basis that is currently subordinated to the evolution of the virus.

But since they say that there is no evil that for good does not come today we have the possibility of obtaining an important benefit, which otherwise would not have been possible to obtain, remember, it is not necessary to have a lot of money to obtain important benefits in the financial world It is important to know what to do and when to do it.

We like to be on your side and collaborate with you analyzing initiatives that you consider interesting, providing you with information that helps you to discern and allows you to start making reasoned decisions with which you can improve your life.

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