One example, the past was published in the articles, in a professor of Medicine at the University of Córdoba and the head of the Internal Medicine Service at the Hospital Reina Sofía, José López Miranda, affirms: “The vaccine prevents 95% of contagions less for 6 months ”.

In the meantime, he learned that the WHO is opposed to creating a “passport” for Covid-19 vaccinees because there are many unknowns about the effectiveness of vaccines to stop transmission.

I have to decide that in spite of having a clear awareness of this reality in the absence of learning, in a university article that divides classes for future doctors there is a forceful statement and in another organization that, theoretically, watches over the health of all others. , expresses its doubts about the effectiveness of these vacuous missions.

Also recently in an economic diary an article was published that reported on how the Spanish bank had made the decision to reduce, for the first time in decades, the type of interest on consumer credits that in November 2020 were commercialized at medium interest. del 6.98%

It seems that the fall of consumption caused by the pandemic and the disastrous decisions that have been taking all political nuances, and I say all because I refer to all those who today have government responsibilities, being national, autonomous or local responsibilities, “we have done this miracle ”.

However, the miracles are rare and I have not heard from anyone performed by a company, much less than that performed by a financial institution.

It is evident that the volume of business generated by the loan concession has been reduced significantly and that banks are looking for ways to stimulate their business.

We cannot forget that Nadie knows how the pandemic will evolve, in the middle of November if a new variant of the coronavirus in South Africa has been discovered, the 14th of the United Kingdom authorities will inform you that they have identified another new variant of the virus and the principles of this. the Japanese health authorities detected another strain of the SARS-CoV-2 that came from Brazil.

A preform can be a help to the personal economy the family member can also become a burden that will lead us to a situation that we can hardly get out of.

At this moment the most important thing is to take care of our savings, take care of them by reducing the expense and looking for alternatives that will allow us to obtain additional income.

We use credit, if you prefer, in the best solution for a situation like the one we are living in because the money ends sooner than expected and we just drop with the quotes, which I take every month, to return the amount that you provided.

Many personal and business economies go through very complicated moments as a result of this health, economic and social crisis, we can help in such a delicate moment as this.

We will take time to collaborate with people and companies, helping them to take advantage of changes that take place in the labor market and in society, showing them how new technologies can become a great ally.

We live in an enormously dynamic world and we face the same challenging challenges as you, managing them properly helps us to enjoy a more stable life, then with more security.

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