Credit, deferred or revolving payment, virtual, prepaid, debit … there are various types of cards available to consumers, we are going to know their characteristics to use them properly, benefiting from their use.

Before making a decision, read the contracting conditions carefully, you can find issuance fees, cash withdrawals at ATMs and many more, do not pay fees for using a card. If you already have a card and pay commissions for it, look for a new one that does not cost you money, activate it and get rid of the old one.


  • With them you do not spend your money, you spend part or all of a credit for the acquisition of consumer goods or the payment of services that a financial entity grants you.
  • It has been shown in multiple market studies that credit card users tend to spend more money.
  • Use them when you travel abroad for work or vacation, you will get free accident, shopping and travel insurance, avoiding having to contract them on your own and you will also avoid paying commissions when you leave the euro zone and you have to change currency.
  • There are different payment options, always choose the option without interest payments, generally the option of total or single payment at the end of the month, with the deferred payment they work the same as revolving ones and you pay interest that generally exceeds 20%.
  • The ideal trick to use them the right way is to save them until you use them for your own benefit, and then save them again.

Revolving or deferred payment.

  • This type of credit card is designed so that all payments are deferred, you can also select the total payment per month due but you will have to expressly request it, the interest to be paid for the deferment is generally greater than 20%.
  • A month past due if you are in deferred or revolving mode, the amounts used are added and you can choose to pay a percentage of the accumulated debt or a fixed fee every month


  • They are also called prepaid cards or reloadable debit cards.
  • To use them you have to deposit money in them and then they can be used until the money we have put into it is consumed.


  • They are created to provide the internet buyer with a secure payment tool.
  • They are prepaid cards, they are charged through a transfer made from a checking account, some also allow the transfer to be made through a credit card.
  • They do not have physical support, that is, there is no physical card and if it exists, it does not incorporate a magnetic band or another system to use them in a payment system other than the Internet.


  • With them we can only have the money we have in the bank account associated with the card, so we avoid getting into debt.
  • All movements are recorded and can help us control our spending.
    If we contract with them trips, vacations, etc. We will get free insurance coverage, for example accident insurance.
  • If you accumulate card debt, we are here to collaborate with you, to inform you, to help you make reasoned decisions that allow you to reduce your debt and even be able to pay it off.

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